2024 Speaking Portfolio

Elle Archer's 2024 Speaking Portfolio showcases her expertise and dynamic presence at premier events worldwide. Here are the highlights of her speakin...

2023 Speaking Portfolio

Elle Archer, renowned for her expertise in leadership and innovation, offers invaluable insights into navigating change in 2023.

2022 Speaking Portfolio

Elle Archer, a respected voice in leadership and personal development, provides essential strategies for success amidst uncertainty in 2022.

2021 Speaking Portfolio

In 2021, Elle Archer engaged audiences across various events, discussing topics such as urban development and leadership, demonstrating her expertise ...

2020 Speaking Portfolio

In 2020, Elle Archer spoke on diverse topics including smart governance, urban development, and leadership, engaging audiences locally and globally.

2019 Speaking Portfolio

In 2019, Elle Archer addressed diverse audiences across New Zealand and Australia, discussing topics such as skill development, smart industries, and ...

2015 – 2018 Speaking Portfolio

Throughout her speaking engagements spanning from 2015 to 2018, Elle Archer has been a global advocate for innovation, diversity, and smart governance...